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Ambitions laid to rest

Seedlings sprouting in their deathbed

Become new ambitions to pass on

Until the cycle is broken

And what a blissful break that will be

The jaw the jaw the jaw

tightened again


forgot to loose

forgot to relax

the jaw the jaw the jaw

nothing like this life

nothing like that

nothing like his or hers

nothing like mom’s or dad’s

so unique

so special

only yours

only mine

and only shared by

eight billion of us at the same time

Same day in
Same day out
Rote and routine
What life is about

It’s my best friend’s birthday today
I’ve moved 5,000 miles away

We talked again just the other day
but it may be months until we do the same

The guilt of checking in less often
Snowballs into avoiding checking in more often

What a vicious cycle, of feelings recycled
Over and over for these past years.


I yelled

into her face

around which hung

an air of indifference

a nothingness that stung

Why do we do it?
Why do we wait?
Why do we toil and sweat and slave?

In offices that bend and bend
And for some even break
A spirit and its time to place some numbers on a page

What did she mean by that?

He tries his best to read between the lines
But right now that feels like trying to breathe between the vines

Constricting and gasping, fighting for a clue
Looking for a hint that her coldness is a ruse
An armor to break through?

Anything, anything at all besides:
‘She’s just not into you.’

Nerves a-flutter
Throat tightness approaching acid-reflux-panic-attack-too-much-coffee levels
A last glance in the mirror
A last, last glance in the mirror

A pat down of the shirt he’d picked and perfectly pressed two days before
An extra spray of the cologne she’d always loved

He finally deemed his appearance perfect for their first ‘let’s still be friends’ coffee
Knowing full well it wouldn’t matter in the slightest.


Seattle-born hip hop and spoken word artist, social media, nerd, and traveller. Official website: Contact:

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